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In a Hive, each class of bees restlessly does a very specific job that fits perfectly in the ongoing process of honey production. From The queen bee, to the drones all the way to the guards. No single class of bees can reliably produce honey on its own.

The art and science of software production is surprisingly analogous to honey production.

Just like bees, we have a team of different skills, and backgrounds that are necessary for high end software production.

Software developers are the core of our team, but the business team, the designers, the quality control engineers, and more, are all here to present you with a FULL team that can produce software reliably.

What makes us
different from others?

We fit best in the market of complex software applications. Where it’s very hard to reach the balance between cost efficiency and quality. Throughout years of R&D, market experience, and process development, we have managed to solve the equation that renders our clients extremely satisfied by ensuring:
  • Maximum quality
  • Minimum cost
  • Shortest timelines
  • Most satisfying support
  • Flexibility in client relations
  • Most educated consultations

Our Apps

We're serving and solving problems for over 20,000 users worldwide. Your app can be next.

The great minds behind Tech Hive

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With an academic background in Computer and Communications Engineering, & previously an embedded systems engineer with award winning projects, & cofounder of an entertainment based tech startup, Moatassem has been dabbling with all sorts of endeavors, from product ownership, business analysis, consultations, quality assurance, scrum mastery, all the way to sales, accounting, & business development.

He has always done whatever it takes to deliver software products to his clients whether they were freelance at the beginning of his career, or company clients as he has been doing for the past 4 years.
His vision leads the company forward & makes sure it is oriented towards the best of scenarios
Bahy speaks business. With the technical background & the passion to the business, Bahy has been playing many roles in the past three years, starting from finding new opportunities for company growth, negotiating & closing deals, to bridging the gap between the stakeholders & the development team.
He is talented in interpreting business requirements into understandable user stories to properly communicate client needs to the different team members, & match a final software product with the expectations of the client to maximize client satisfaction.

Playing a crucial role in the success of the past couple of years, he will play an integral part in taking our company & it’s products to another level.
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Co-founder & Business Development Executive.BAHY MOATAMER ELSALAM

Our satisfied clients

We have proudly achieved over 90% client retention rate.
If you work with us, you simply wouldn't want to leave.


The best experience

Tech Hive have been hand in hand with us at Sotech helping us paving the way in the IOT game in health tech. Their performance, follow up and ability to help us scale is tremendous. So looking forward scaling together..

Omar El Metwally
Sotech CEO & Sigma fit Managing Director


Absolutely the best

The way we’ve met Tech Hive is totally spontaneous, we met in a Tech Event. They had Braids at the time and seemed geeky. Now we’ve been their clients for almost two years, with multiple projects delivered. During this time they’ve been very helpful, supportive and always professional. They are not just implementers but they put their minds into their projects, That’s why they are successful. Thank you guys.

Mohamed Abd EL-Moniem
Pyramid Bits CEO


The Best

Tech Hive have been our go-to software company for years across different projects in multiple industries. They have and continue to deliver state of the art systems for Smartsway. After scouting the region for a reliable software company I’m thankful for the opportunity that brought us together.

Dr Salah Alrashed
Smartsway CEO

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